The Modeling Designs for Learning Science (MoDeLS)
Middle School

MoDeLS in middle schools is build upon IQWST, a NSF-funded project developing a comprehensive and coordinated middle school inquiry-based science curriculum.

Three studies, conducted in the context of pilot enactments of two 6th grade units, one in physics and the other in chemistry, investigated the ability of students to engage in different aspects of scientific modeling, their understanding of meta-modeling knowledge, the contribution of modeling to the student’s learning of science content, and identifying students conceptions of models and modeling as exhibited in classroom discussions.

One study, conducted in the context of a 6th grade IQWST Chemist unit, is investigating the students ability to reflect on their modeling practice. Three focus groups are followed during the whole unit and comparissons among them are established to better understand  students abilities to construct , use , revise and  evaluate  models as  tools  for generating knowledge and change their understandings.