The Modeling Designs for Learning Science (MoDeLS)
Learning Progressions

A learning progression characterizes variations of the practice that are appropriate for learners, and a sequence of successively more complex versions of that practice, building from the understandings and practices learners bring to the classroom to a more sophisticated view.

A learning progression for a scientific practice outlines:
  1. a model of the target practice appropriate for learners
  2. the starting points of learners' intuitive understandings and practices,
  3. a sequence of successively more sophisticated understandings and practices, and
  4. instructional supports that help learners develop the practice.
In MoDeLS , we develop a learning progression for one such practice, scientific modeling, explore its implementation in two grade bands, elementary and middle school, and examine students’ developing knowledge and practices. We will also investigate how to support teacher learning about modeling, so they can be more effective in teaching this practice.