The Modeling Designs for Learning Science (MoDeLS)

MoDeLS has designed a series of instructional activities aligned for use in science teacher education for preservice teachers at elementary and middle school levels aimed at increasing teacher understanding and use of scientific models in their own teaching and learning.

We believe that by including such instructional activities aligned with key modeling learning performances in a methods classroom, we can help beginning teachers be positioned to both engage their students in scientific modeling and to learn about associated modeling practices and metamodeling knowledge.

In addition, we have developed educative curriculum materials to support preservice and inservice elementary and middle school teachers. These materials are intended to promote teacher learning as well as student learning. In particular, we incorporate support for developing the teachers' own metamodeling knowledge as well as their pedagogical content knowledge for scientific modeling, through expository text as well as narratives describing instructional practices and dilemmas associated with modeling-enhanced lessons and units.