The Modeling Designs for Learning Science (MoDeLS)
MoDeLS Team

Northwestern University
Middle School and Elementary classroom studies - Learning progressions
Brian Reiser PI
Andres Acher and Brandy Buckingham

University of Michigan
Middle School Classroom Studies - Elementary and Middle School Educative Curriculum Development - Studies of preservice and inservice teachers
Joe Krajcik      Co-PI
Betsy Davis     Co-PI
Michele Nelson, Kristin Vander Voord, James Hagerty, Sara Clowes and Yael Bamberger

Michigan State University
Elementary Classroom Studies - Elementary  Educative Curriculum Development - Studies of preservice teachers focusing on Elementary
Christina Schwarz   Co-PI
Hamin Baek, Hayat Alhokayem, Jing Chen, H.Hokayen and L. Zhan

Weizmann Institute of Science
Middle School Curriculum Development - Studies of Middle School Students and Teachers - Assessment Development and Analysis
David Fortus  Co-PI
Yael Shwartz, Sherman Rosenfeld and Malka Yayon

University of Illinois
Elementary studies focusing on teachers - Preservice teacher education studies focusing on middle school and elementary
Barbara Hug  Co-PI
M.E. Gozalez and Tang Wee Teo

Wright State University
Elementary studies - Teacher Education Studies
Lisa Kenyon   Co-PI
Jodie Wilson, Shelly Cotterman, Amber Todd, Brooke Andrews and Erin Reese

AAAS/Project 2061

Jo Ellen Roseman
Ted Willard

Horizon Research
Sean Smith
Elisabeth Dyer
External Evaluators